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HICX and DitchCarbon partner to give brands the best data for carbon choices

DitchCarbon partnership

LONDON (for immediate release) – HICX, the leading supplier experience platform, and DitchCarbon, the world’s source for carbon emission insight, have partnered to help businesses better meet Scope 3 challenges, by letting them supplement their supplier data with specialist data relating to carbon emissions. This will arm Procurement and Sustainability teams, with the necessary intelligence to make carbon-conscious decisions.

“We are excited to build this trusted data source into our platform because it will help our customers to gain an even clearer view of their supply chains. This is absolutely key to them remaining resilient. In today’s environmentally-conscious world, those leaders who can manage sustainability risks and seize opportunities will thrive – and success in this area, comes down to data quality,” says Costas Xyloyiannis, HICX’s CEO. 

HICX customers who choose to have their master data supplemented will receive a carbon score on each supplier. It will be generated by having DitchCarbon pull a list of all their suppliers before using AI to find information on each supplier – such as public disclosures, CDP and SBTi statuses. Based on around 40 factors, the information will be organised to generate a carbon score, which together with the required emissions data will be sent back into the supplier ‘golden record’. 

The partnership will save Procurement teams from gathering carbon data themselves by having to survey suppliers or search directories. Further, they will find the carbon score updated quarterly within their master data. 

“Procurement teams need this data, and most of all they need it in the tools they already use,” says Marc Munier, founder of DitchCarbon. “Onboarding can be a real pinch point for procurement teams keen to onboard the right suppliers. Using the DitchCarbon score means no need for extensive surveys. This speeds up the process which is good for internal stakeholders as well as emissions goals.”.

Looking forward, HICX will offer an ‘actions module’ with which businesses can manage their supplier’s carbon performance through automatic actions linked to defined thresholds, for example, what actions a supplier should take to reduce their emissions. The partnership is also likely to spur collaborations between HICX and other external data providers such as specialists in cybersecurity, ISO renewals, sustainability and risk, as the platform grows from strength to strength.

About HICX

HICX helps Global 5000 companies to take control of their supplier data and to deliver a great supplier experience.  The HICX Supplier Experience Platform enables businesses with thousands of suppliers to efficiently on-board and manage the end-to-end lifecycle of all suppliers, to achieve a single version of truth for all supplier data, and to remove the friction from supplier relationships. Some of the world’s largest companies trust HICX for the management of their supplier data, these include Unilever, Mars, Mondelez, Lenovo, Baker Hughes and BAE Systems.

About DitchCarbon

DitchCarbon is the leading provider of emissions intelligence. Our platform offers accurate, real-time data on Scope 3 emissions, enabling companies to make informed decisions toward sustainability by integrating with the tools they already use. Trusted by procurement teams and carbon accountants alike, DitchCarbon empowers organizations to achieve their environmental goals by leveraging the latest AI, saving our clients significant time compared to alternatives. For more information, visit

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