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2 Stakeholders Are Pivotal to Your ESG Success


Today, environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives are a mainstay on the corporate agenda. And, as everything is connected in a supply chain, ESG progress at your organization is directly linked to progress for your partners. To effectively gather and analyze ESG data from all parts of your network, you need direct support from two key stakeholders: your tier-one suppliers and your internal team.

Stakeholder #1: Your tier-one suppliers

In theory, data visibility with your tier-one suppliers should be straightforward: They collect the data and then send it to you. But it’s rarely that simple. Digital transformations that have happened since the start of COVID-19 have helped with data sharing in some ways, but in others they have complicated things. According to a 2022 HICX survey, a supplier must log in to 8.4 systems on average to serve a customer. In addition, each login is a data entry point, which can quickly become duplicated, outdated and inaccurate. With this cumbersome and time-consuming system, ESG goals suffer.

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