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Mondelēz: Building a Business Case for Supplier Information Management

- Mondelēz: Building a Business Case for Supplier Information Management

End-to-end Supplier Information Management Strategy (SIM) – Building a case for SIM – Stephane Sacherer, Mondelez

In this webinar, find out:
– How to build a business case for a Supplier Information Management solution
– How to communicate the project and its objectives to stakeholders
– What the key business metrics and outcomes look like

In the first in this series of webinars, we’ll start at the beginning, and dive deeper into the initial phase – which is focused on building the case for a SIM solution. For this webinar, we are joined by Stephane Sacherer, Associate Director, Global Procure to Pay at Mondelez International. The webinar explores the initial steps on this journey towards supplier information management: how does one articulate the problem, how do you obtain the mandate to solve the problem and how do you bring the project to life.

Questions we’ll answer during the webinar:
– What are the challenges and obstacles you face if you don’t have SIM?
– How do you obtain the mandate to own the solution to improving supplier experience and data quality?
– How do you articulate the vision for such a project?
– What does a business case for SIM look like and what metrics should be considered?
– What capabilities do you look for in a solution and why?
– How do you keep stakeholders on board for the journey?

We will have a Q&A session at the end and a case study will be available to download on how Mondelez has revolutionized its Procurement function.

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