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EDF & BAE: What Advantages & Benefits Supplier Information Management Unlocks

- EDF & BAE: What Advantages & Benefits Supplier Information Management Unlocks

In our latest session on end-to-end SIM strategy, we introduce a fireside chat with experts Adam Hubbard (Supply Chain Governance and Performance Manager at EDF Energy) and Jerry Grable (Director, eBusiness at BAE Systems, Inc.).

We talk about how communication with suppliers and engagement have been driven through Supplier Information Management (SIM), metrics that have been unlocked and what future plans are now possible that weren’t before the journey started. We discuss the extent to which a new mindset is needed and how to create that mindset and we explore some of the hot topics such as building a better all round supplier experience and what that means for an organization.

In this webinar, find out:

– What advantages and benefits supplier information management (SIM) unlocks
– What the core use cases are
– The value that SIM brings to the wider organization

Questions we’ll answer during the webinar:

– What are some of the problems supplier information management (SIM) helps to fix?
– What are the core use cases for SIM?
– What is the role of data in SIM and how does it help the organization win?
– What wider initiatives can SIM support?
– How do these impact the organization?
– What are some of the near-term trends for SIM?

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