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Finance Management - Digital transformation for accounts payable processes

Give the AP team a break. AP automation frees your Accounts Payable team to focus on more strategic activities or simply higher transaction volumes without requiring more headcount.

Digitise your vendor master maintenance processes by allowing suppliers and line of business users to self-service. Free up your Accounts Payable team to focus on higher value projects.

Maintaining accurate W-series and KYC information about your suppliers is critical for fulfilling requirements under U.S. federal and global tax law and avoiding penalties due to non-compliance.

Every trading relationship is different and optimising how you pay your suppliers is easier than you think. Our omni channel approach allows you leverage all your available credit lines – p-cards, supply chain finance, trade finance and corporate cards. This results in a positive impact to your cash flow, whilst maintaining extended payment terms & cash-back/rebates from your Credit providers and Banks so your suppliers can enjoy faster payments.

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