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Infographic: Supplier Experience Survey

Infographic: Supplier Experience Survey

This infographic provides a quick summary of the key findings from our recent Supplier Experience Survey report.

Every supplier is different, so it makes sense to provide the unique experience required to make every relationship flourish. Whether direct or indirect, strategic or occasional, high risk or not, for each supplier to deliver their best, it is crucial to evaluate their needs and the needs of the teams serving them, and then to enable frictionless transactions, communication and exchange of information.

In practice, there can be stumbling blocks and obstacles to achieving this. The HICX Supplier Experience Survey investigates these themes and, in doing so, separates perception from reality while uncovering the truth about what suppliers are really experiencing – and how it could mean the difference between setting suppliers up to succeed, versus losing out in times of scarcity.


Supplier Experience Survey Infographic

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