Centralising supplier relationships and creating a streamlined & automated supplier processes for business growth

As a talent partner helping companies face complex challenges, Randstad Sourceright provides the global resources, expertise, capability, and vision to drive business results.


In order to deliver on this strategic commitment, Randstad Sourceright realized it had to address its own internal business processes, particularly in supplier management. Adding to these imperatives was a merger that brought new process demands, as well as increasing supplier risk and compliance complexities that required additional data gathering and tracking.

The Challenge

Randstad Sourceright had to find a centralized supplier relationship system that streamlined and automated supplier processes, and brought improved process efficiency that would be critical to fuelling customer satisfaction and growth.

Centralising supplier management

With multiple, discrete internal supplier systems, numerous manual processes, and increasing complexities across customer programs, the Randstad Sourceright supplier strategy team had no centralised view of existing supplier relationships or data elements across customers.

Supplier communication management

Randstad had no single supplier communication point for collecting/auditing of data and were relying on the highly manual process of individual staff emailing and collecting information from suppliers.

The Solution

A single comprehensive supplier management solution with the flexibility that Randstad Sourceright needed providing a simple, flexible supplier communication tool with which to gather and verify supplier data.

Using a configurable data model, HICX has helped simplify management of diverse organizational structures across Randstad Sourceright’s customer base and ensured ease of change as business needs demand.

With a single, centralised view of all suppliers across customers and programs, sales teams can immediately respond to questions about existing supplier coverage and the impact on deployment time. The result is confidence in Randstad Sourceright’s ability to easily view and report on suppliers, while reducing onboarding time.

Randstad Sourceright can now easily inquire on key data, such as supplier capabilities, locations served, and skills and qualifications. In addition, with supplier regulatory and program compliance increasingly having a direct impact on potential risk to Randstad Sourceright and its customers, HICX provides simple collection and tracking of compliance documents and renewals to reduce risk and lower the cost of compliance.


HICX has been a game changer for us in the marketplace. Randstad Sourceright can now offer industry leading talent expertise backed up by best-­in-­class technology. As a result, prospects and customers have greater visibility, flexibility and the knowledge that we can support any changes in their business quickly and efficiently.

– Mary Kristynik, VP Supplier Strategy, Randstad Sourceright

Competitive Advantage

One of the unique aspects of solving the supplier management challenges at Randstad Sourceright was the immediate impact on competitive advantage in the marketplace. While Randstad Sourceright has always been a leader in talent acquisition and management MSP solutions, its partnership with HICX has allowed it to move to the next level and offer capabilities unmatched by its competitors.

In addition, where other MSP’s may impose business hierarchy and organizational strictures, the flexibility inherent in the HICX data model ensures prospects can retain their existing organizational structure, and have the complete ability to change it as their business grows and changes.

Efficiency, Lower Costs and Improved Compliance

Internally, Randstad Sourceright has realized significant process efficiencies, added new supplier management capabilities, and lowered their overall cost to deliver. With HICX as a partner, Randstad Sourceright has moved from managing suppliers customer by customer, to having a global single source of supplier information that can be leveraged across customer relationships, while maintaining the flexibility needed for each customer’s requirements.

The ability to quickly and efficiently manage our supplier relationships has become a key competitive differentiator for us…”

“By providing visibility across all existing suppliers, and accelerating new supplier on-­boarding, we can deliver market leading customer service to our clients. HICX has allowed us to meet and exceed all of our solution expectations, driving down costs, and improving our ability to win new business.”
– Mary Kristynik, VP Supplier Strategy, Randstad Sourceright

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