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Reflecting on 2017 and the Opportunities of 2018

- Reflecting on 2017 and the Opportunities of 2018

As 2018 approaches I thought it a good time to reflect on the year that has past and consider 2018. Starting with the three things that are required to thrive in our industry:

  1. A solid vision
  2. Continuous product innovation
  3. Customers who believe unreservedly that we deliver on those two.

Without a doubt, #3 is the most important.

By turning to us to help solve their challenges, customers are placing an enormous amount of trust in our team and our technology. That commitment is not lost on us, and it’s what forms the basis of our entire company culture. Placing the customer, and their users first, and working with them to understand their needs is what drives true innovation and value.

Looking back at 2017 we have a lot to be thankful for. It has been a great year for customer growth and evolution of our platform. At HICX we are very proud of our success in creating a platform with unparalleled flexibility, ease of use and speed to configure for both small and large customers. In the world of SaaS to create flexibility is a real luxury which comes with a lot of technical complexity which most companies shy away from.

The future of SaaS is never certain, as with any technology, but being able to have solutions which adapt automatically based on user behavior and business inputs to continually self-optimize processes and automate human tasks is a big step in the right direction. Users don’t care about software or the code behind it, but rather in how software can benefit them in carrying out their jobs better and faster. If we can make that happen, then we are on the right track for our current and future customers.

In 2018 we will focus on having users spend less time doing the more mundane work in the system and more on benefiting from having a system, with the introduction of “touchless processing” using artificial intelligence (AI) to automate workflows, providing self-creating reports, insights, identifying more opportunities and identifying risks.

So, to all of our customers and partners we want to say a big thank you for giving us your trust and believing in our ability to continually deliver. We wish everyone happy holidays and look forward to a great 2018!


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