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Podcast — 40min listen

An Interview on What Darwin’s Theory Can Tell Us About Procurement and Supply Chains with David Loseby

For this episode of the Supplier Experience Live podcast from HICX, we welcomed David Loseby. David is an advisor, author, speaker, and visiting scholar at the University of East Anglia. David describes himself as a ‘pracademic,’ or practitioner academic, having held various global CPO roles across a number of industries, including retail, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, aerospace […]

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Podcast — 18min listen

An Interview on Taking Procurement to the Next Level with Rich Sains

For this episode of Supplier Experience Live Podcast, we were joined by Rich Sains. Rich is a procurement practitioner who has spent over twenty years working in a number of organizations for various industries, including retail, hospitality, and FMCG. After gaining experience, Rich went on to establish his own business, Acada, which provides a procurement […]

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Podcast — 27min listen

An Interview on Modern Procurement with Nick Ralphs

For this episode of Supplier Experience Live by HICX, we were joined by Nick Ralphs to discuss modern procurement. Based in Glasgow, UK, Nick is a Director of NJR Procurement, an organization focused on ‘Increasing Value and Managing Risk in Purchasing and Supply Chains.’ Nick is also an active consultant and specializes in training procurement […]

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