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About Spendlinq

We are Spendlinq, the Source to Pay experts. As a full-service provider, we help organisations every step of the way towards a successful digital transformation. We design, implement and digitalise Source to Pay processes, making sure that they work. And we’ll stay involved to make sure they keep working. We combine proven expertise in the Source to Pay domain with knowledge of innovative technology, and we know Source to Pay processes like the back of our hand. We can tell you which technologies are on the market and which solution would best suit the needs of our clients. We’re always on the lookout for improvements, so if and when opportunities arise, we’ll use them in our solutions. Because we believe things can always be better. The result? Less risk, more financial control and sustainable success.

Over Spendlinq

Wij zijn Spendlinq, de Source to Pay experts. Als enige Nederlandse full-service dienstverlener helpen wij organisaties bij een succesvolle digitale transformatie van Source to Pay. Wij ontwerpen, implementeren en digitaliseren Source to Pay-processen, zodat het werkt en blijven betrokken zodat het blijft werken. Wij bundelen bewezen expertise in het Source to Pay-domein met kennis van innovatieve technologie en kennen de processen van Source to Pay als geen ander, weten welke technologie daarvoor in de markt is en welke oplossing het beste past bij de situatie van onze klanten. Voortdurend op zoek naar verbeteringen, scherpen we aan waar en wanneer kansen zich voordoen, omdat wij geloven dat het altijd beter kan. Het resultaat? Minder risico, meer financiële controle en duurzaam succes.

Partner types we work with

Solution partners

Solution partners and integrated solutions have connected their products to HICX to deliver a smoother, more functional customer experience while using the two technologies.

Data partners

Data partners and integrated data providers have connected their data sources to create a connected user experience where data is shared between organizations, easily and seamlessly.

Implementation partners

Implementation partners are those that have developed the delivery capability and experience with the HICX platform. They have established practices of consultants and have delivered successful implementations for customers.

Why partner with HICX?

HICX and our partners are revolutionizing the Supplier Experience. Suppliers are the key to enterprise value creation. That’s why we help businesses optimize for their suppliers’ success. Our partners are instrumental in helping our customers realize value and achieve success.

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