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Fluxym is an advisory firm specialized in Source to Pay. We help hundreds of clients navigate their procurement digital transformation journeys with our specific knowledge and best-in-class solutions.

Founded in Paris in 2002, we have offices in Paris, Lyon, Montreal, Toronto, New York, and Singapore.

Who we are

  • We’re a solid group of human beings. Why solid? Because we’re explicit. Why human beings? Because our hearts beat fast and strong, in unity. And we crave for helping others, happiness, and gratification.
  • We have been around for quite some time now, but we’re still entrepreneurs at heart. The drive, the ingenuity, and the innovation.
  • We will never trick you into anything. There are no flaws in our projects. Our communication is always straightforward, and we’ll always honor our word.
  • If we run into issues, we’ll bring them forward, we don’t hide the problems, we fix them.

What we do

  • We’re a very savvy bunch on S2P and procurement digital transformations (no boasting, just truth).
  • We can give you advice on anything around the topic, such as advisory, choosing a solution, implementation, support, maintenance, supporting you in a project with another vendor, and many more. We’ll basically hold your hand at every stage from top to bottom and beginning to end.

Partner types we work with

Solution partners

Solution partners and integrated solutions have connected their products to HICX to deliver a smoother, more functional customer experience while using the two technologies.

Data partners

Data partners and integrated data providers have connected their data sources to create a connected user experience where data is shared between organizations, easily and seamlessly.

Implementation partners

Implementation partners are those that have developed the delivery capability and experience with the HICX platform. They have established practices of consultants and have delivered successful implementations for customers.

Why partner with HICX?

HICX and our partners are revolutionizing the Supplier Experience. Suppliers are the key to enterprise value creation. That’s why we help businesses optimize for their suppliers’ success. Our partners are instrumental in helping our customers realize value and achieve success.

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