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Supplier Onboarding - A successful supplier management program starts with the right supplier data

Enable all your transactional systems automatically – ERP, P2P, Sourcing, Contract Management, Quality, etc… through a single intelligent process which will automatically know and send the data to the appropriate systems after appropriate due diligence and verification.

By having self-service capabilities for suppliers and business users working from a single golden record, will remove transactional effort, data reconciliation effort and provide unparalleled visibility to identify areas of leverage and optimization.

Global leverage with local flexibility

Centralisation of supplier process can create substantial value but has been limited by an inability to orchestrate processes spawning global, local and cross-functional organisations, which yield a large number of variations & permutations in the business requirements and fragmented systems.

Enable a single entry point for creation of suppliers for the entire organisation with full integration – the result? 100% compliance because there is only one place to manage this before the data is created in the ERP.

Increase cross-functional collaboration and alignment by providing one single source of truth which can support the needs of everyone.

Be flexible, be faster

Get underway quickly in the cloud, enjoying lower cost of ownership and a system that is always up to date. Easily change things as your business changes with minimal demands on IT.

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