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HICX Solutions Ltd empowers Accounts Payables with new Supplier Information Management package

HICX Solution’s most recent press release was featured in the Wall Street Journal. Please see the excerpt below or visit for the full version:

London, England (June 17, 2013) – HICX Solutions, the leading global provider of Supplier Information Management solutions, unveiled today the first Accounts Payable Supplier Management package specifically designed to overcome the supplier information challenges inherent within “traditional” platforms.

As corporations continue to expand operations, whether geographically or by business units, the Accounts Payable function has grown in both importance and influence on meeting corporate objectives. In addition to often holding responsibility for the “supplier master” (the core supplier data attributes), they are challenged with: increased federal compliance regulation (e.g., segregation of duties, W-8/W-9 collection, etc.); managing payment schedules that maximize early payment discounts and/or optimize working capital; managing erroneous banking information; being the frontline contact for supplier payment help; and, navigating through, often, multiple systems and multiple duplicate records in order to identify which supplier is to be paid…(read more)

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