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New Organization and Product Roadmap at HICX Solutions shifts focus to ‘Customer Delight’

The Past

Over the last 5 years HICX has had rapid expansion across multiple market geographies and types of customers. Our platform has matured dramatically driven by the complexity and diversity of our customers.

We have customers spanning industries such: Pharma, Aerospace & Defence, Facilities Management, Retail, Financial Services, Staffing & Recruitment, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Energy, and Utilities covering a diverse range of functions from Procurement, Supply Chain, Finance, Legal, Trade & Logistics with over 1M+ supplier/third parties and over 50,000 users across 68 countries.

With this success, 2016 has seen HICX reach an inflection point, continue with what has brought steady growth, or take a higher path and strive for industry leading excellence. The risk of reaching for new goals is failure, the risk of maintaining status quo is mediocrity.

The Present

At HICX we want our customers to be as fanatical about us, as we are about them; and we won’t stop until that objective is achieved.

To become fans means adding value that creates customer delight, so to this end, we have taken two bold steps:

  1. Reorganise the company with the single objective of customer delight.
  2. Establish a product roadmap that is driven by customer priorities.

We are pleased to announce that both exercises were completed on target in July 2016. This follows on from a product version harmonisation to a single code base that was completed in the first half of the year.

Looking forward, we will now be delivering regular product update releases across all customers to provide enhanced product functionality and features. The objective being to ensure the user experience is optimised.

Principle 1 – We want to ensure we invest in building out the future needs of our customers first.

Principle 2 – Any new approach needs to enable all our customers to leverage the benefits of everything which goes on within our ecosystem.

Our beliefis that Enterprise (B2B) software should be just as easy to use as B2C software experience delivered to consumers today.

Our mission is to revolutionise enterprise software, from the complicated, expensive, in-flexible, and ugly monster it is; to something simple, economical, powerful, and beautiful; starting first with tackling the management of complex supply chains and supplier relationship management problems.

Ongoing evolution over the last 10 years, driven by consulting and technology, means HICX has transformed into an enterprise platform which provides building blocks for rapid assembly of business solutions.

With each customer problem we solve, the solution ecosystem is constantly growing, and being a SaaS company means this will benefit all our customers.

We consider our key strengths as differentiators:

  • A completely adaptable and extendable data model, not database dependent.
  • The ability to collaborate and enforce global standards, yet enable local flexibility
  • Users are empowered to define and create highly interactive supplier initiatives
  • A unique combination of search, doc capture, and extendable data model to define metrics using any of the data within the system.
  • Proprietary integration toolkit enables the platform to quickly integrate with external data sources and/or applications.

The Future

We are excited about the future as we work hand in hand with our customers to understand their priorities and organise to deliver measurable value.

We are excited about the product roadmap and delivering next generation innovation that solves real world problems, validated by customers.

We are excited about our ability to deliver our objectives. We have an outstanding team at HICX who are fully aligned to customer success in everything we do.

If you are under-served by your SIM technology, or are looking to take that first step to automation of supplier management processes, talk to HICX Solutions, and see what good looks like.


Grant Watling

VP Customer Success and Service Delivery

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