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Third Party Onboarding - Simplify third party management and control compliance by creating a single entry channel

Enable all your transactional systems automatically – ERP, P2P, Sourcing, Contract Management, Quality, etc… through a single intelligent process which will automatically know and send the data to the appropriate systems after appropriate due diligence and verification.

Global compliance centralized with great efficiency

Working in the global economy creates a lot of benefits, however when it comes to compliance the multitude of standards and differences can make it challenging to centralise and automate in such a diverse world.

From a line of business request all the way to the contract signature. Create digital processes for engaging and managing 3rd parties which create tangible business value.

When it comes to security in the real world there is always a single entrance and exit for the general public. Why should it be any different in the business world? Irrespective of the number of systems you have there should only be one entry point.

Get underway quickly in the cloud, enjoying lower cost of ownership and up to date versions. Easily change things as your business changes with minimal demands on IT.

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