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Compliance & Risk - A successful supplier management program starts with the right data

A highly scalable Governance, Risk and Compliance SaaS platform that delivers unrivaled configurability, regulatory agility, ease-of-use and performance. Flexible and extensible, the platform allows you to adapt a broad range of solutions to your requirements, build new applications and integrate easily with external systems. The platform evolves as you do with just a few clicks

Many of the levers that corporations use to expand into new markets such as, agency agreements, acquisition, and complex supply and distribution networks – all introduce bribery and corruption risk. HICX provides advanced capabilities for continuous monitoring. Including a holistic framework and efficient workflows to automate and streamline important aspects of ABAC compliance.

Make it easy to ensure third parties are operating in compliance with environmental, health and safety and human rights requirements, while adhering to the highest of ethical standards. Protect your brand reputation and equity, and drive corporate responsibility.

Go far beyond compliance by creating visibility and streamlining processes that helps your organisation create value from a safer and more robust supply chain.

Market boundaries have dissolved, the supply chain has grown more complex and diverse, products have proliferated, outsourcing has become the norm and global business operations have expanded. These factors increase the need for an integrated quality management system. Leverage a collaborative platform that enables you to streamline quality processes and improve collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.

As more critical processes are outsourced and applications move to the cloud, data security and privacy risks are greater than ever. Compliance and monitoring can become burdensome for large organisations. A risk based and automated approach is required to ensure data security and privacy.

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