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Organisations rely on suppliers more than ever before, it’s time to move away from just thinking of how we buy and looking at optimising value by improving the way we work and engage with our supplier communities.

As global enterprises continue to expand their reliance on 3rd parties, these relationships are growing more sophisticated and complex, connecting partners across more countries and covering increasingly more strategic products and services. As a result, the risk and costs of managing 3rd parties are escalating dramatically.

Your organization does business with thousands, or tens of thousands of suppliers. Every supplier is different and presents opportunities to create value but also a certain degree of risk. With global supply chains the complexity of compliance and understanding of risk has grown exponentially. Hicx has arrived to help you simplify and automate this effort.

In today’s world, high quality data is everything. That’s why we have made it easier than ever to govern, integrate, cleanse and enrich your data from internal and external sources. Building processes on-top of solid master data is the most important factor in overall process efficiency.

Our solution for accounts payable goes beyond just basic invoice processing. We provide the most comprehensive self-service platform for Accounts Payable. Allowing business users and suppliers to carry out all tasks digitally, removing finance as the middle-man.

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"The support desk currently handles some 4,000 supplier inquiries a month so moving suppliers on to a self-service portal could bring considerable savings and benefits for everyone."

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"One of the reasons that we selected HICX was to do with what we call a category risk matrix. The categories of risk depend on the particular supplier and the environment into which the goods are being delivered. We calculate the risk which will then be used as part of the qualification process."

"The HICX SMEs were able to achieve in 3 months what would previously taken a much longer time. HICX combined their experience in data management and governance and quickly learnt the nuances of our business and the internal ways of working. The output of the engagement was excellent and was used to inform immediate actions and ongoing planning. Their approach created a positive experience for our stakeholders."

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"HICX have exceeded our expectations. We have already identified new opportunities to apply HICX solution’s capabilities to simplify our business and grow our markets."

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