Supplier Data: The Path to Digital Nirvana

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As procurement teams face increasing pressure to digitalise, strong supplier data forms the foundations for transformation. This report outlines how to breathe new life into supplier data to drive growth. Download it to read the following articles:

Supplier data comes of age
More efficient procurement is just one benefit to getting serious about supplier data
Oliver Pickup and Gren Manuel

Reviving supplier data for corporate growth
Too many companies have parked their data in a dead end; getting back in the driving seat could change everything
Costas Xyloyiannis, CEO, HICX

First, fix the basics
The digital foundations must be solid before the high level benefits can be unlocked
Giles Breault, Co-founder, The Beyond Group

Getting the nuts and bolts done properly
Cultural change and a technology upgrade has helped BAE Systems engineer a supplier data revolution

Five steps to achieving data nirvana
Organisations can overhaul their supplier data management and reap the benefits – and it’s straightforward, if you know the right path to take
Oliver Pickup



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