September 21, 2015

HICX becomes SAP Open Ecosystem Partner

21st September 2015

HICX are pleased to announce their status as a SAP Open Ecosystem Partner.

SAP Partner Edge

This partnership is the first step in recognising our deep domain experience and the strategic work we do with SAP client environments. – Grant Watling, Principle

The focus of the partnership is to create value for clients by bringing together HICX vendor master expertise and tools with SAP ERP environments to optimise the onboarding and management of suppliers.

HICX supplier information management platform integrates seamlessly with SAP to fully automate the buyer/supplier experience and provide a single portal that handles the global/local process variation dynamic.

HICX advisory team are ideally placed to guide vendor master strategy, governance, organisational alignment, processes, data models and system architecture.

This new partnership recognises the synergies available for existing SAP clients who are looking to improve their vendor master data management with HICX.

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by Michael Bulman

Head of Marketing

Michael leads the marketing team at HICX. Bringing with him experience in the startup and ERP worlds, his focus is on brand awareness and strategy.
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