Managing sensitive documentation over multiple locations

Providence Industries / dba MyDyer is a Full Package Apparel Manufacturing and Global Sourcing Partner based in the US. They couple design, engineering and raw materials with cutting-edge manufacturing technology. Over the years, they've grown into a robust, value-add global sourcing partner to many of the leading brands, retailers, and licencors in North America.


MyDyer runs a number of complicated processes that they wanted to digitise and simplify. Not just for the present but also in a way that allowed them to support the growth and changes they expect to see in the near future. Lilly Kim, EVP and General Counsel at MyDyer said:

‘We were looking for a platform to help in properly maintaining time sensitive documentation regarding our many manufacturing locations. HICX not only filled our original needs but additionally their versatile platform provided solutions for vendor onboarding, compliance and audit tracking through its flexible supplier portal.’

Challenges Faced

MyDyer was looking for a platform that would enable them to onboard 100% of their suppliers. Not just a small percentage. Within the system they were looking to tackle audit management of their first and second tier vendors. They were also looking to automate a key compliance initiative by incorporating a ‘Certificate of Destruction’ workflow. They needed to ensure their vendors validated and certified that defective goods were properly destroyed. This leads into the charge back process. If a supplier makes a mistake, they needed the ability to track the notification, charges, and waivers of passing the associated cost back to the supplier.

All of this is very specific to MyDyer’s particular sector and could not be found on the market as out of the box software. Within the HICX system though it was straightforward to build out the required workflows.

From a more general view point, these bullets were prioritised from the start of the project:

  • Lack of control
    • limited to no visibility in onboarding process
    • risk assessment limitations
  • Inefficient
    • highly transactional work for internal associates to onboard new suppliers
    • old fashioned and time consuming – paper / excel based manual process for requesting and approving new suppliers.
    • not centralized and therefore inefficient and duplication of effort
  • Poor data quality
    • no central repository to find accurate and timely information
    • inability to validate data as it’s captured through paper forms
    • limited type of data and information collected which is insufficient to effectively run other supplier processes

The Solution

Given the nature of MyDyer’s requirements, HICX was chosen as their preferred vendor.

‘This decision was motivated by two primary factors. One, they understood exactly what we were trying to do and managed to add significant value to the project as we went through the selection process. Secondly, their software is easy for us to use and if we want to make changes, it’s straight forward. This level of flexibility as we grow is crucial.’

Lilly Kim, EVP, General Counsel, MyDyer

HICX Modules

What were the HICX modules installed?

The Benefits

HICX has provided MyDyer the ability to provide close to real time information to each of their suppliers.

By digitising their compliance and supplier management processes MyDyer has managed to make significant savings in time on the administration side of the business and focus more on making creative improvements to the organisation. Something that is backed up by having all their supplier data in one place. Centralised, visible and easy to report on – allowing MyDyer to limit risk and make informed business decisions as they move ahead of their competition.

‘The result of this partnership is a significant amount of time saved on administration, visibility of 100% of our suppliers and a system that we can easily tweak and change to support the business over time.’

Lilly Kim, EVP, General Counsel, MyDyer



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