November 25, 2015

Top Supply Chain Management Performers for 2015

In 2015, Supply Chain Insights published a research on the Top Supply Chain Management Performers for 2015. According to the research,

9 out of 10 supply chains struggle in terms of performance and improvements

Companies like Apple, BASF and AstraZeneca achieved excellent performance, but failed to drive improvements further. On the contrary, companies such as Unilever, Bridgestone and Coca-Cola achieved significant improvements but were not able to perform at or above average on the supply chain metrics relevant to their peer group.

However, all the companies listed below managed to overcome major obstacles in their industries to make the list of top supply chain performers for 2015. Following are the best practice supply chains in B2B Electronics, Consumer Electronics, Chemical, Consumer Goods, Food Manufacturing, Beverages, Pharmaceutical and Automotive (according to Supply Chain Insights index rankings).

supply chain management

There are six capabilities that differentiate the companies that outperformed their peer groups:

  1. Leadership
  2. Sensing and translating demand
  3. Involving the right people
  4. Active involvement in designing of the supply chain
  5. Functional metrics with laser-focus on reliability, as well as cross-functional alignment with performance
  6. Planning


by Michael Bulman

Head of Marketing

Michael leads the marketing team at HICX. Bringing with him experience in the startup and ERP worlds, his focus is on brand awareness and strategy.
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