Supplier Cockpit

Those who own responsibility for a supplier are best at managing it. Too many “Supplier Information Management” companies forget this fundamental fact and treat management in a fashion similar to ERP-like processes.

Does it make sense for facilities maintenance managers to log on to their system and weed through dashboards and reports incorporating MRO providers to find the information they specifically need to do their job better? Is it logical that to have to leave a supplier profile and start a batch job to collect one simple insurance form? It doesn’t make sense to us either.

 With the HICX Supplier Cockpit you can:

  • Get the full picture from all internal sources of supplier information
  • Receive alerts on supplier changes that may affect your initiatives
  • Submit and monitor invoice and payment status
  • Collaborate with internal and external resources
  • Capture all supplier communications and calendar events

Disparate Silos of Information

Large companies that have grown by acquisition typically have several unique systems that hold supplier information. In extreme cases, this number can exceed 100 or even 300 systems. More commonly, users have to cross multiple ERP, eProcurement, contract management, and other systems to collect supplier information.

British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli once remarked: “As a general rule, the most successful man is the man who has the best information.” An effective cockpit centralizes all of the information – whether contracts or supplier spend – in one location for easy access and decision-making. Now your team can achieve greater success quickly and consistently.

Actionable Information

A significant amount of supplier and supplier management knowledge never makes it into systems. Add the growing size and geographic dispersion of purchasing organizations into the mix, and it is clear that the greater part of corporate intelligence is neither captured nor shared in any system.

You should be concerned with:

  • Finding and leveraging corporate intelligence
  • Collecting full supplier information needed to efficiently execute

Coordinating supplier activities such as factory audits and supplier development programs requires cross-functional teams and sophisticated calendaring. The best supplier cockpits enable large organizations to efficiently communicate knowledge across organizations and teams. Giving procurement in general, and commodity managers and stakeholders in particular, the ability to access current events, coordinate initiatives, and share upcoming events allows all participants to manage their time far more proficiently.


The HICX Supplier Cockpit solution enables you to:

  • Access all supplier information, regardless of source system, location, or format
  • Utilize current technologies (e.g., smartphones and tablets) to stay in touch
  • Quickly access payment, invoice, and purchase information
  • Have complete visibility into contracts, audits, and ad-hoc information
  • Gather industry insights, Dun & Bradstreet reports, and news headlines
  • Use message boards to query other information holders and/or share insights
  • Access calendar events that involve suppliers
  • Synchronize communications and attach emails to supplier records for reference and audits
  • Configure contents available on individual supplier cockpits



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