Don’t just build a solution. Adopt it.

For HICX, project success is not go-live, it is adoption. We work with each customer to understand what value means to them, and to align our deliverables to ensure said value is realised.

We want our customers to be as fanatical about us, as we are about them

HICX Quest

This mindset of customer success is part of our core business DNA and has been embodied in the creation of HICX "Quest". We believe that as we strive to live our values, our customers benefit from smarter design, better user experience, consistency of service, and great working relationships with the HICX team.


Products and services that delight customers.


Be honest in our work and in our relationships.


Thinking through the details from the users perspective.


Work in a sustainable way, delivering high quality output.


Make it seem effortless for the tool to process user tasks.

Plan for change

It is estimated that up to 70% of technology projects fail to deliver their desired results. Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they will use it. The lesson here is that you really need to think carefully about how you will manage change, and carefully consider your user adoption methodology before you launch the solution. 

Implementing any new system requires effective change management to enable users to increase knowledge, ability, awareness, desire, and then receive positive reinforcement to sustain the change.

HICX change management strategy provides a turnkey approach to bringing your users and stakeholders with you from day one. Don't leave change to chance, understand your impact, be clear in your communications, equip people to succeed, and measure the results.

Working with a company that not only recognises this issue but has a solution for it, is crucial.

Change management

  1. Implementation stakeholder map
  2. Interviews and data gathering
  3. Impact analysis
  4. Change management strategy
  5. Change management development plan
  1. Sponsor / steering committee plan
  2. Stakeholder engagement and communication plan
  3. Training/learning plan
  4. Sustainment plan
  5. Measurement plan
  1. Communicate
  2. Train
  3. Monitor and measure results
  4. Manage and improve
  5. Transition ownership to organizational management

Train to Sustain

Our approach to training starts with evaluating needs and creating an approach whereby users are trained according to the expectation of the role. From this point we develop the training programme, materials, related communications, and conduct/rollout the training itself.

The programme uses industry leading training/learning approaches, methods, and tactics necessary to achieve change and business objectives. It identifies owners, timing and specific communication objectives of each training related intervention.

Don't leave change to chance, understand your impact, be clear in your communications, equip people to succeed, and measure the results.



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